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Parliament Registration Service Announcement

August 23, 2021
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The Public is hereby informed that all eligible registered voters aged 65 or older, Overseas voters, and other voters in the specified categories, may apply to vote in the Advanced Poll.
Such persons are –
Nominated Candidates and their spouses,
Eligible Overseas voters applying with FORM J,
A confirmed traveler already scheduled to be out of country on Election Day, (Document Required)
also, Doctor certified individuals with illness, infirmity, pregnancy, or recently
pregnant, (Document Required)
and unable to vote on the day of General Election,
are eligible to apply to vote at the Advance Poll,
Our In-Person application sites are located as follows:
On New Providence,
Parliamentary Registration Department, Farrington Rd
The Main Post Office, Town Centre Mall
Elizabeth Estates Post Office
Cable Beach Post Office
Carmichael Road Post Office
Grants Town Community Center, Quakoo St.
On Grand Bahama,
The Lucayan Lodge Hall,
Parliamentary Registration Department, Government Complex, Freeport
Eligible Overseas voters must complete and submit the Application, FORM J to their nearest
Bahamas Consular, or High Commission Office for onward submission to the Parliamentary Registrations Head Offices in Nassau. The FORM J is available at Bahamas Consular, High Commission Office, or the Parliamentary Registration Department.

Eligible Overseas voters must complete and submit the Form J’s to the High Commission,  no later than Friday, 27th August, 2021 at 11:00am  (Ottawa time) to [email protected]

Please provide a copy of your Bahamian passport/voter’s registration card and proof of current student enrollment.


For further information please visit the Parliamentary Registration Department’s website at :




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