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My passport has expired - How do I apply for a new one?

Passport applications may only be submitted in person at the office of the Bahamas High Commission – Ottawa.

Application submissions are accepted by appointment only and may only be made via telephone during regular business hours.

For required supplementary documentation and general procedure information visit How to Apply.

How long will it take to get a new passport?

General processing time for passport applications is 12 weeks from the date of enrollment. Please note; however, this does not include courier delivery time. While the Bahamas High Commission is dedicated to ensuring efficient processing times; kindly ensure sufficient time between application submission and date of travel.

I need to apply for a new passport - How much does it cost?

Passport Fees

  • Child’s Passport (under 16) – $25.00
  • Adult Passport (16 years and over) –  $50.00
  • Replacement of damaged, lost or stolen Passport – $50.00
  • Emergency Travel Document  – $35.00

For more information visit Fees.

What do I need to bring to my passport appointment?

For Passport Renewals, visit General Requirements -Renewal for more information on required supplementary documentation.

For First-time passport application, visit General Requirements – First-time for more information on required supplementary documentation.

My passport was lost, stolen, or damaged - How do I obtain a replacement?

Bahamian Nationals whose passport  has been lost or stolen, must file a formal police report and obtain a police certificate in order to obtain a new passport. In the event that a police report cannot be obtained, please contact the Consular Department at 613-232-1724 for more information.

After obtaining police report, nationals may apply for a replacement passport.

For information, visit Emergency Services – Lost, Stolen, Damaged Passport.

Bahamian Nationals whose passport was damaged may apply for a replacement. The original damaged passport must be presented at the time of application. If the applicant is unable to present the damaged passport, a police report may be required.

For information, visit Emergency Services – Lost, Stolen, Damaged Passport.

Do I qualify for a passport?

For information regarding passport qualifications visit Who can Apply.

If unsure of qualification status, inquirers may contact Consular Department during regular business hours.

Bahamian Documents

My Bahamian Driver's license has expired - How can I get a new one?

The Bahamas Commission DOES NOT issue or facilitate the acquisition of Bahamian Drivers Licenses. To obtain or renew a Bahamian Drivers License, Bahamian Nationals must contact The Bahamas Road Traffic Department.


How do I obtain a Canadian Driver's License?

Bahamian Nationals residing in Canada (study, work, permanent resident) with a valid Bahamian driver’s license may use previous driving history as credit toward obtaining a Canadian driver’s license. Previous driving experience may be acknowledged through a reduction in driver’s licensing requirements. However, applicant must successfully complete steps mandated by province before obtaining a Canadian license.

For more information visit Obtaining a Canadian Drivers License. 

I lost my birth certificate/NIB card/other Bahamian Documents - How do I get a replacement?

Bahamian Nationals whose official documents have been lost or stolen, MUST file and obtain a formal police report to submit to relevant service offices in order to obtain replacements.

Documents such as original Bahamian Birth Certificates, National Insurance Cards, Driver’s licenses, and other government issued documents cannot be replaced at the High Commission. Document replacement requests must be submitted at the relevant service offices for assistance.

Please visit www.bahamas.gov.bs for more information.

Travelling/ Migrating to Canada

I want to visit Canada - Do I need a visa?

Bahamians visiting Canada require:

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